street photography from Copenhagen II

street photography from Copenhagen II

A new gallery is coming your way today. We’re not quite ready to «leave» wonderful Copenhagen …. ☺︎

Copenhagen gives you so many impressions. So many places to see and enjoy. The choices and possibilities are endless. The unique shops and stores are inviting and tempting. They give you a brilliant «excuse» to do some shopping!

While exploring the center of Denmark‘s capital for hours and hours, your legs and body will probably feel a bit tired, and your stomach will ache for some new energy. Luckily you’ll find a vast variety of cafes and restaurants on almost every corner. Grab a danish smørrebrød and coffee to go from the bakery, or take a seat in the restaurant with white tablecloths for fine dining. The choice is yours!

Whether you choose to stroll around during daytime, or enjoy the nightlife, you’ll meet friendly people wherever you go.

We strongly recommend a visit to Copenhagen, all year round. We just had to post another stock of photographs from the city we love!!

We’re already planning our next stay for Spring 2019. Yeah!

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as a special retreat! Manon Les Suites is our favourite!

We hope our gallery will give you a taste of what this amazing city has to offer.

– astri & kalle –


By night I

By night II

Street life


Light and shadow


Give it a go!




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