autumn adventure 2021

autumn adventure 2021 –

The days are slowly getting shorter. The nights last longer. The light is slowly fading. And the dark feels more tightening. The temperature is dropping.

Autumn 2021 slowly draws to a close. Winter is waiting….

But we can still enjoy the autumn´s wonderful colours, the warm light and the long shadows, the walk through the fallen leaves on the ground and feel the crisp air when taking a hike. Whether we travel on the dunes by the beach, exploring the forest or climb the mountain. It´s all exciting activities!

Let´s not forget the slow living indoors. Lit candlelights, flames from the fireplace, warm drinks and cold feet curled up and wrapped up in cozy blankets on the couch.

What a fantastic season autumn is. No wonder it is our absolute favourite time of the year – Autumn 2021 adventure!

Nature keeps its secrets and leaves us to our imagination and our wondering:

What comes to life deep inside the forest during nighttime?

Never stop wondering about mysteriousness!

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  • astri & kalle

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