We´re back! Oh, happy days! fotografkallen.com

We´re back! Oh, happy days!


It´s been a while since our last post – 6 months, to be more spesific.

We´re so sorry about that. But our everyday life has somehow been occupied elsewhere.

Together with life itself, several technical issues have been a real challenge, and time has just gone by….

But, enough about IT and troubleshooting – Summer 2018 is here, and we´re back! Oh, happy days!

Happy Summertime! Enjoy these long and lazy days  ☼

See you soon.


astri & kalle ♡

all rights reserved – no use of artwork/content without permission – all images © fotografkallen


                                                                                  seagulls © fotograf kallen

the stream 

sand sculpture I

sand sculpture II

sand sculpture III

sand sculpture IV

summer grass 

Sola Strand Hotel © fotograf kallen


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